Can you name that product in 12 hours or less?

July 10, 2013By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Amy Kasza

The average shopper pauses at a drugstore shelf for mere seconds to make a purchase decision. First impressions are everything. At that “point of decision,” your product’s name can make or break the sale. Unless you have a multi-million dollar marketing budget to surround consumers in multi-channel messages that imprint your product’s brand come up with a catchy name or twoidentity in their memories, the name alone could decide its destiny.

When your organization is developing a new product, someone is sure to come up with a catchy name or two. Everyone will have an opinion, from the brand’s founder to the sales manager’s niece who interned with the company one summer. Expect lively discussion, maybe even heated debate. But beware. It’s easy to get lost in “group think,” and even easier to cave to pressure from the most vociferous member of the company.

If you find yourselves turning a product naming exercise into an argument, you’re doing it wrong.

Your goal, after all, is to launch a product that shoppers will embrace, buy, use, and reward with loyalty. The product name has to capture consumers’ attention and imagination. It has to convey credibility and efficacy.

Set up criteria to help guide your brainstorming and decision making. If it has to be a committee decision, limit your group to no more than five well-chosen members. Once you have a few good ideas for names, mock up prototype packaging and get input from consumers – consumers who are demonstrated users of similar products.

And if you find that your internal brainstorming efforts are creeping past an investment of 12 man hours with no clear end in sight, it’s time for an intervention. You need help from an outside partner – an objective and informed source – with expertise in consumer healthcare. With your product’s destiny on the line, choosing a name is no time for subjective experimentation.

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