Build your brand with high-quality product images

March 9, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, From the desk of, Importance of image quality

From the desk of Julie Massey, visual assets manager

Over the years of working at HRG, I’ve been asked to explain what a high-quality image is and why it should be important to manufacturers. I encourage you to read our e-book, Be Sure Your Images Make an Impact, to get more detail, but I’ll sum it up here by offering the five factors to a quality image:

  • Most current package
  • Scalable
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Good lighting
  • Pristine package

You want high-quality images of your products because no matter what point in the omni-channel your target audience sees a picture of your product, you want them to have the same visual experience they would if they had it in their hands, to build a consistent, strong brand impression.

We can also support a brand’s story through images of items out of their package. We had a client with a new, innovative first aid product. Knowing most people are visual and remember images better than words, they wanted to tell the story of their unique feature through imaging. We took careful close-ups of the feature to help consumers understand what the innovation looked like, thereby helping illustrate why it’s special.

Building your brand through the use of high-quality images is something easily accomplished once you have an image library of product shots for the variety of digital and print places they will appear. Key individuals such as your marketing and sales team member should have access to these images so they use approved photos.

Consider the product images you currently have and evaluate if they need updating or you need additional angles, better quality, or varied formats. Protecting your brand with quality images is critical in this omni-channel world, and preparation is the key to avoiding undesirable images of your product appearing anywhere along the way.