Resolution: Invest in my team

Posted by on Sep 17, 2018 in Behind the Shelf Blog, Resolutions

By Beth Maas, human resource manager, for the Resolutions blog series People make your business. Would you agree? It’s you and your staff that bring people back to your store, not the products on the shelves. A good shopping experience has a lot to do with how the customer feels after leaving your store, and how they feel […]

Resolution: Assess lighting in my store

by Colleen Volheim, category research and analysis manager, for the Resolutions blog series You may not give much thought to your store lighting, but it’s very important. Think about when you enter a place of business. What are your impressions of a dully-lit place versus a nice, bright interior? A store that isn’t well lit can look […]

Resolution: Define my shopper demographics

by Tara Kaifesh, category analyst, for the Resolutions blog series Knowing who your shoppers are is important to your store’s success. When you understand those shopping at your pharmacy, you can provide them a better shopping experience by stocking the items they’ll be likely to purchase. Catering to your customers’ buying habits will build their loyalty to […]

Resolution: Take advantage of trade associations

by Dave Wendland, vice president, strategic relations, for the Resolutions blog series Regardless of industry or profession, there is an association for nearly everything. In fact, there are about 100,000 registered trade associations within the United States alone, often going by an acronym for brevity (see why in the examples listed below). And, chances are, […]

Resolution: Commit to regular store meetings

by Mary Hart, project manager/senior data assets specialist, for the Resolutions blog series I hope you are already having regular store meetings, but if you aren’t, read on for good reasons to start. If you are, read on to see if there are topics to add to your agenda. One great reason to have a regular store meeting […]

Resolution: Evaluate my product positioning

Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in Behind the Shelf Blog, Resolutions

By Megan Moyer, senior marketing communications specialist, for the Resolutions blog series When was the last time you considered your product’s positioning? If sales are going well and your market share is growing, you probably haven’t felt the need to scrutinize how your brand is positioned against competitors, however, that’s exactly when you should make the time […]

Resolution: Seek unique items for independent pharmacies

by Tom Boyer, director of national accounts, for the Resolutions blog series As a wholesaler, you devote a great deal of resources to give your independent pharmacies tools and support in the effort to see them succeed. A trend that I am seeing work very well among the stores I’ve visited recently are those independents that carry and promote […]

Resolution: Audit my web presence – part two

By Steve Brester, director of information technology, for the Resolutions blog series This is the second of two blog posts about auditing your web presence. My previous post covered getting started in monitoring your online success. This post will cover tools available and your content and social media strategies. In your efforts to gauge how […]

Resolution: Audit my web presence – part one

By Steve Brester, director of information technology, for the Resolutions blog series Your web presence is one of the most important ways of raising awareness of your store and what your store has to offer. Do you ever check to see how effective your web presence is? I’m referring to all online channels available for […]

Resolution: Regularly perform a space-to-sales analysis for maximum sales

By Jamie Sershon, merchandising analyst, for the Resolutions blog series One way to maximize sales in your front end is to evaluate the item sales of a department compared to how much space is allocated for it. By doing a quick space-to-sales analysis, you can see what adjustments should be made to capitalize on sales. In order […]