Keep impressing

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series In this Lasting Impressions blog series I’ve covered the various ways you can make an impression on potential and current customers from their ease of getting to your store to the last interaction they had with you or your staff before walking out the door. Just […]

Customer interaction

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series Perhaps the one element that can have the most impact in leaving an impression with any given customer is how they are treated by you and your staff. Because this is an area where independent pharmacies tend to excel, there may not be a lot that […]

Signage and consumer education materials

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series Next in this Lasting Impressions series is a discussion on the value of signage and having product information available. Signage is one of the most important elements to providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Giving your customers indicators of where they can find what they are […]

Front-end stock levels

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions series Part of leaving a good impression with your merchandising is to have an appropriate amount of inventory on front-end shelves. If the front-end shelves, endcaps, and displays have empty spots, customers may get the impression that your stocking levels are haphazard and that it’s not worth shopping […]

Pay attention to pricing

by Sean Grudzinski, HRG product research and analysis manager, for the Lasting Impressions series As part of the overall positive impression you’re trying to make, your front-end pricing is an important component. You may not even be aware that your prices can convey a lot about your store, but prices can speak volumes. When you are […]


by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series As discussed in the other posts in this Lasting Impressions series, there are multiple opportunities to impact your customers’ perceptions before, during, and after they visit your store. When they are in your pharmacy, you want to provide a pleasant environment and an extraordinary shopping experience that provides […]

Your entryway and store layout

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series This is the fourth post in my Lasting Impressions series about making the best impression you can with customers from initial contact to well after the sale. In this post, I’m going to cover your entryway and store layout. In a previous post I talked about the […]

Those first seven seconds are critical

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions series As I mentioned in the first post of this series, my initial intention was to write about the importance of the seven-second rule. The Lasting Impressions series evolved into the ongoing impression you make with customers, but I do want to cover the seven-second rule because it […]

The store exterior — part two

by Tom Boyer for the Lasting Impressions blog series In my previous post about store exteriors, I encouraged you to look beyond your building at the parking lot, the route to get to the store and your store sign, among other things. In this post I’m going to cover the rest of the store exterior […]

The store exterior — part one

by Tom Boyer part 2 of the Lasting Impressions blog series This Lasting Impressions series delves into how you, your employees, the building interior and exterior, and the service you provide before, during, and after a store visit leaves customers with an impression of your operation and helps them decide whether they will come back. This post […]