Robust websites to facilitate the fixture setting or reset process

March 29, 2019By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Focus on Fixtures, From the desk of

  From the desk of Holly Jablonowski, project manager, for the Focus on Fixtures blog series A very efficient, streamlined solution or ongoing, seamless delivery of replacement or missing pieces that are often requested as part of a fixture reset, is a custom website. We worked with a retail chain to update their beauty department, handling their … Read More

Resolution: Get product images for all of the items we carry

March 19, 2019By Behind the Shelf Blog, Data Analysis and Management, Resolutions

  By Julie Bonnell, vice president operations, for the Resolutions blog series Why Images? Have you noticed how images are replacing words in our daily life? Think about the popularity and use of emojis and YouTube and the prevalence of infographics. Why is that? Quite simply, they effectively convey complex information. And more importantly, from … Read More