Beautiful opportunities

July 11, 2013By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

by Jenny Kosek

Drug Store News’ “Patient Views” data is revealing some intriguing insights into the beauty and personal care category. According to their recent polls from Accent Health, 70% of consumers surveyed indicate that they are likely to purchase beauty and hygiene products when filling prescriptions. Furthermore, 3 in 5 consumers said that looking their best is an important part of how they measure overall health.  But these consumers are not simply shopping for vanity and appearance: 78% of consumers are purchasing their personal care products based on the product’s perceived health benefits.

Based on the data, your beauty and personal care departments should be thriving. Are they? If not, it might be time to review your SKUs and refresh your inventory with products consumers are seeking. Half of consumers consider a product’s environmental impact when purchasing, and 41% of consumers “often use natural or organic beauty products.” If your pharmacy isn’t carrying a varied selection of natural or organic beauty and personal care products, you may be losing a larger portion of potential front-end sales than you think.

New products are constantly being introduced in the organic and natural market, and social media allows your customers to learn about those products as fast as they are introduced. Stay up to date on these product offerings, and refresh your shelves often so that your customers know your pharmacy is their resource for these items.

Beyond products, consider offering beauty services in your pharmacy. Surprisingly, “58% of consumers would purchase beauty services--manicures, brow shaping--at a drug store or independent while visiting or waiting for a prescription to be filled." Better yet, 55% of consumers polled by DSN would visit a pharmacy they might not normally use if the pharmacy provided beauty services in-store.  You might not be ready to add a full--service salon to your front end, but you can still capitalize on this intriguing bit of data and capture this consumer momentum.

Here’s a thought: offer a “day of beauty”. This event would differentiate your pharmacy and emphasize that you’re listening to your customer’s demands. Reach out to a nearby salon or beauty school for assistance. Highlight your organic and natural products and bring in massage therapists, manicurists, and beauty clinicians to allow your customers to pamper themselves while learning more about your pharmacy’s offerings. Make the event hands-on with samples and demonstrations of your beauty and personal care products, and make your “day of beauty” a community destination event.

A unique clinic like this promises to build your client base, boost your front-end sales, and demonstrate to your community that you’re listening to what customers want. You’ll create strong bonds with current and new customers and establish your pharmacy as “the beauty experts”. That goodwill will keep those customers coming back to you for their personal care needs-and that’s a beautiful thing.

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