Aid to Puerto Rico: Give wholly of yourself

April 13, 2018By Acts of Kindness, Aid for Puerto Rico, Behind the Shelf Blog

by Brian Ellison, software development lead, for the Puerto Rico blog series

As I get older, it has become more and more important to me to pursue activities that help make the world a better place — which spurred my decision to travel to Puerto Rico.

Once we began working, and I could see just how much need there was, I couldn’t help but wish there was even more we could do. It was very challenging knowing there were so many other places on the island that we couldn’t reach.

At the same time, I was surprised at the patience and openness of those we were able to help. It felt so rewarding to be able to give supplies directly to the residents of Guayanilla. During our visit to the mountains, there was one lady in particular who had no vehicle, and she made her way to us. I helped her carry the supplies she needed to her home, and she was so grateful. It was touching to see people in such dire need still be so nice and kind.

While I learned a lot about Puerto Rican culture during my time on the island, I also learned some new things about myself, including that I need to learn other languages and continue to give of myself. I would encourage others that if you can, give wholly of yourself, because it’s needed now more than ever.




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