After the event – part two

July 19, 2016By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Buyer Presentations blog series

by Steve Choate for the Buyer Presentation blog series

In my last post I encouraged you to conduct an event recap while it was still fresh in your mind. After you’ve evaluated how the pre-show preparations went, you can turn to reviewing how your buyer presentation was received and what changes are necessary.

Did you get direct feedback on your presentation from any of the buyers? If not, you’re left to trying to interpret their behavior. Did they seem engaged or uninterested? Did they ask questions or just sit there? Often the questions they asked can point to information you should add to the presentation the next time. If they didn’t show interest, was it throughout, or just during a section or two? If there seemed to be a consistent lack of attention just in particular parts, you can revise or remove the information that didn’t engage them.after meeting part two compressed

What other changes, additions and deletions would you make? Were there areas that you know are worthwhile to include but fell flat because of how it was depicted or displayed? Make notes on your copy of the presentation so that you will be able to reference it once you get back to your office.

How was the room itself? Was it conducive to good meetings? Did you realize during the event that a different layout, or types of displays, or how it was set up in general could have improved efficiency, effectiveness, or comfort? Jot these thoughts down as well so you can make adjustments at the next show to improve outcomes.

Finally, did your displays and samples have the effect you wanted? Did they get picked up, used, studied? Did you get any feedback on packaging or different display configurations that buyers thought might work better in their stores? You may be limited in changes you can make in these areas at this stage, but take the input nonetheless, so you can apply it when the opportunity is available.

Reviewing individual retailer meetings and making lists for follow up comes next. That will be the topic of the third part of this blog series about what to do after the event.