Add a little brightness to their day

October 7, 2016By Acts of Kindness, Behind the Shelf Blog, Random Acts of Kindness blog series

by Mary Hart, project management and data assets manager, for our Random Acts of Kindness blog series

When I read the email about the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge, I thought, “What a cool idea!” At that point I didn’t even realize that Hamacher was sponsoring it, I was just excited about going out and doing good deeds. The company gave us each $30 to give away, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

While I was out Christmas shopping, I decided to put envelopes of money under windshield wipers of cars in the parking lot. I was nervous for the first couple of cars I left envelopes on – but then I really started having fun with it! I did try to look for people that I thought could really use it.

On one of these trips I parked next to a car that had seen better days, so I left an envelope on it. I was feeling really good about that as I walked through the parking lot to get to the store. Then I saw a lady driving through the parking lot and she seemed to be angry at every random car or person that crossed her path.

She was really, really worked up. She really needed a random act of kindness.Mary_Cudahy mitten tree

So I slowed down my gait, waited until she parked and got into the store, then I went and put an envelope on the windshield of her truck.

Now, I’m not sure if I changed this lady’s outlook, but I’m hopeful that I put a little brightness into her day, and maybe a smile on her face!

One of my last acts of kindness was to purchase mittens for a “mitten tree” at a local retailer. The mittens were given to local school children who needed them. The last few dollars went into a Red Kettle.

Thanks Hamacher!