By Brittany Benson for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

 planning is bringing the future into the present

I love to plan things out. My whole life I’ve enjoyed the intricate puzzle of how things fit together and how I can make it all happen. The problem is that when I combine all the ideas of things I want to accomplish with the constraints of time and my own personal resources, it’s easy to find myself in a predicament similar to that of trying to put together a giant puzzle from separate puzzle boxes.

A similar feeling can creep in when trying to manage store inventory, product assortment, or wholesale orders for upcoming promotions or seasonal programs. Prioritizing is just as important as your plan. So too is being flexible and expecting life to deviate from your plan, stressing the importance of alternative and back-up plans. After all, we have control in our lives, but we can’t control all circumstances.

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It is important to try new approaches and constantly strive for a better way to achieve what you desire. More importantly, never lose sight of what you are working toward. Are your sights set on store efficiency, customer satisfaction, fully stocked shelves, well-trained employees, a profitable front-end? Without a destination, you will end up floating by on the river of life until a current sweeps you in one direction or another, thereby becoming the decision-maker in where you are going. There’s something to be said for “going with the flow,” but don’t let it carry you too far adrift before you’ve even had a chance to realize what’s happening.

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It’s also easy to get carried away in the planning process without ever moving on to the execution steps. Finding the right balance for your work style is key to bring your plans to fruition.  Find your vision, figure out how you’ll get there, then try like crazy until you do.


Brittany BensonBrittany is primarily responsible for coordinating manufacturer communications as well as manufacturer research, including new item launches and brand/manufacturer buy-outs. She helps maintain and develop HRG’s master item file, including fine line categorization and retail pricing strategies. Brittany interacts with internal and external clients to secure product information related to manufacturers’ package samples, UPC’s, pricing and marketing materials.  In addition, she is responsible for quality assurance of HRG’s web content publishing.

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