By Dawn Vogelsang for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

As pharmacology and the healthcare landscape become increasingly complex, specialization can be the differentiator your pharmacy, and your personal career, need to thrive. Pursuing added qualifications in specialty pharmacy fields such as Critical Care Pharmacy, Nutritional Support Pharmacy, or Pediatric Pharmacy can revitalize your career and open new avenues for your success. However, if you don’t wish to pursue certification in pharmacological specialization, you can still create a specialty-pharmacy atmosphere at your store by positioning your pharmacy as a community resource for specific disease states.

Consider tailoring your pharmacy services to meet the needs of a specific population in your community. For instance, is your pharmacy situated near a specialty healthcare facility, such as an orthopedic hospital? If so, connect with that facility and its healthcare providers to raise awareness of your pharmacy. Focus your attention on learning about the products those providers recommend to their patients pre- and post-care, and as you build your relationship with them, adjust your assortment to carry their preferred products. Position your pharmacy as their patients’ destination for post-care support.Is your pharmacy in a community that new parents with young children are flocking to?

You can also examine the population demographics surrounding your pharmacy and customize your assortment to meet the needs of those groups. Is your pharmacy in a community that new parents with young children are flocking to? Adjust your advertising, assortment, and expertise to create a “Children’s Health Resource Center” at your store that could include a larger selection of products and educational materials catering to this group. The same approach would work if your community has a large population affected by diabetes, or a high number of caregivers.

Specialization, whether through a certification program or through strategic differentiation of your pharmacy’s services, can increase customer loyalty and position your pharmacy for long-term success.


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As majority owner and President, Dawn oversees Hamacher Resource Group in the development of corporate vision and execution of strategies, and directs the company's efforts to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Her extensive leadership experience within the company, coupled with her technical savvy, makes her the perfect choice to drive HRG to anticipate and meet the needs of the future.



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