being accessible to customersby Julie Massey for our 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy series

It’s important to know your customers and interact with them. As a pharmacist, you are often their best and first choice when it comes to managing their medications and health. They look to you to help them understand possible drug interactions, and while they can get that information from the dispensing system leaflet, there are also interactions with OTCs and supplements that need to be considered. Be accessible to your customers by coming out from behind the counter to consult with patients right in the aisles.

When I go to the drugstore, I appreciate it when the pharmacist comes out to help me find an allergy medication that will be compatible with other medications I may be taking. I keep going back to that store because the pharmacist made the effort to come out into the department and spend time and consult with me to determine the best options that fit my needs.

When you are available for questions – either in the store or on the phone – and take time with the patient to make them feel like they matter, it makes a big difference. You increase satisfaction and build trust when you offer to help, rather than make them feel like they are an interruption. Easy accessibility will build patient loyalty.

When you think about it, consumers can go almost anywhere, including the corner gas station, to get basic OTC products. What keeps them coming back to local pharmacies is the personal touch they don’t receive at large chain or big box locations. So don’t be shy – come out from behind the counter.



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